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Items I Wish I Included in My Baby Registry

Items I Wish I Included in My Baby Registry

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Don't get me wrong, everything we had in our registry, and everything we received from it we definitely used and appreciated. I prided myself in the fact that we did use pretty much everything we had in our registry, especially because we were trying to be super practical. However, after we got the hang of things with Faith, there were a few items that we ended up having to purchase on our own that in retrospect I wish we had included in our registry. And while we are still up in the air about having another baby shower or "sprinkle" for baby boy, I came across items that we have not bought yet but would like to add if we decide to have another registry. 

10 Baby items i wish i had in my registry

1. Exergen Temporal Thermometer - We had actually registered for another thermometer, but I felt like it wasn't very good, so we bought this one and we love how easy it is to use and read. 

2. Comotomo Bottles - When I had to go back to work, it was a struggle getting Faith to take a bottle, especially from me. We had registered for a ton of different bottles because I'd heard it was good to have variety in case she didn't take any.. and these bottles came in handy. The feel of it is very "breast-like" and though it did take some coaxing, she fought less against this bottle than with any of the other ones. 

3. Lillebaby Carrier - We actually registered and received the Baby Bjorn as our original carrier, and while it was great to use in the winter, we felt like it didn't allow for much ventilation during the warmer weather. So we bought this one and absolutely loved it! Faith didn't sweat and it was great to have a little cover for her head to protect her from the sun. It was also a lot lighter to wear than the Bjorn, so our summer trips were a lot easier to manage with her in this carrier. 

4. Merlin Sleepsuit - This suit looks simultaneously adorable and scary.. only because it looks like a weird baby straight jacket. We noticed that Faith would twitch a lot and wake herself up, and since she started to hate being swaddled, we started using this sleep suit around 4 months. It also had the added benefit of keeping her warm at night so we'd just put a light onesie on her. It definitely helped and was a lifesaver in helping her sleep longer at night!

5. LilyPadz Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads - These were an absolute LIFESAVER... or should I say NIPPLEsaver. A good friend of mine gifted these to me before I gave birth, and I used this every single day in the first few months of breastfeeding. It really protected me from the uncomfortable adjustment of breastfeeding and was the only thing I felt comfortable wearing with my nursing bra. She also gave me the silicone cleaner that comes with it and I took care of those babies like they were the Ring. My Precious... (no, seriously). 

6. Robeez booties - Faith didn't fit into these until she was 5/6 months old, but these were really handy in keeping her feet and ankle warm. They didn't come off at all and they were super easy to put on! They have different styles as well, just not the boots, so I definitely want to get these for baby boy too.

7. DockAtot - This is the one product that's been ALL over Instagram, and while I couldn't justify the price at the time, I wonder if it would have made a difference in Faith's sleep. It's not technically recommended for co-sleeping, but I think I would have tried it anyway. It looks so snug! We used the Podster for a month or two and that really helped during nap time, but Faith outgrew it pretty quick. 

8. Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit - Someone had recommended the Kiinde twist pouches with the bottle, but since Faith wouldn't take the bottle and I had 40 twist pouches, I would use those to freeze my milk and I never had a problem with it. I loved that it had a twist cap and was easy to pour my milk in and out of the pouch. When it comes to that liquid gold, you definitely don't want to waste a drop!

9. Clevamama Bath Towel - The same friend who gave me the LilyPadz also recommended this towel as a gift to give for a baby shower. It's such a good idea because taking Faith in and out of the bathtub can get messy, so I love that this protects you while also keeping the baby covered. 

10. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat - OMG this was a GODSEND when we got it. Faith HATED the car seat with a passion! When we finally switched to this car seat, it was like a switch turned off, and then we wondered if maybe she was just uncomfortable in her previous car seat.. which made us feel like horrible parents. This car seat is so plush.. I imagine it feels like a throne fit for a king, and so thats why she was fine in it. As soon as baby boy outgrows the convertible car seat (which I'm HOPING he likes more than his sister did), we're definitely going to get another one for him. 

Was there anything you would add to your registry if you could do it all over again? Or anything else you found helpful? Please share! :)

x, Maritess

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