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Twilight/Giants Cake Pops

Since Halloween was just around the corner, I decided to make some Halloween-ish inspired cake pops, and decided that the theme would be Twilight. Two different flavored cake pops, one for Team Edward and the other for Team Jacob. Team Edward's was red velvet with cream cheese frosting and a vanilla coating with white sugar crystals (cuz Edward "sparkles" - don't laugh, I totally got a kick out of that), and Team Jacob's was Devil's chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and almond and chocolate sprinkles (cuz he's... hairy, and brown).

I had some leftover batter and decided to make some Giants cake pops since they are (winning - so far) playing in the World Series. What better way to show my SF love? These were a mix of the red velvet and chocolate flavors, but with the same designs - orange edible glitter with almonds and chocolate sprinkles. I brought them to work and gave some away over the wedding weekend. Got some pretty awesome feedback on them. Can't wait to make more.

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