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Disneyland in June

Went to Disneyland again. Kind of impromptu, as we were just going down to visit my family, and it turned into a plumbing fix in which Irwin had to replace our entire toilet. (Richie claims to have no idea how it broke, however he is the only one who uses that specific toilet).

But Richie and his gf, Telley, surprised us with tickets to Disneyland, compliments of Telley's friend who works at the park.

I don't remember the last time I had to pay to go to Disneyland, as these two always manage to get us in for free.

We had an amazing time, and even got to ride on the new Little Mermaid Ride, which was kind of a disappointment. I love going to Disneyland with my brother and Telley because they have passes and they're Disneyland pro's. They know where to go, what to see and when, and even where the bathrooms are. We also witnessed Electronica, which was, weird... but.. entertaining. After the show, all the teeny boppers/wannabe ravers, danced around with their glow sticks in the Tron-themed area near the Monsters Inc. ride. It was actually pretty awesome to see a replica of the movie's arcade "Flynn's", but too bad we couldn't play the arcade game similar to the one in the movie because some 40 year old man and his pile of quarters wouldn't stop playing. Oh well.

I miss these two (and Disneyland) already.

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