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How to Maintain Long Distance Friendships

I came upon this article via HelloGiggles, and was inspired to share how I keep in contact with my BFF's and how we maintain our long distance friendship. Let me start by saying that while two of them are are relatively close (Uri in Las Vegas, Janelle in Arizona), Ai lives in Japan, which makes it a little more difficult to chat because of the time difference. Luckily our evenings/mornings overlap so its not completely impossible to talk.

But in this wonderful, new, techno-age we live in, having long distance friendships are no longer difficult to overcome.With everyone having a cell phone, no matter the age (recently heard an 8 year old having a cell phone, WTF), and having access to internet, friendships can be easily maintained. Granted it takes a little more effort, but with (mostly) everyone on a social networking site, or even on AIM, its much easier to stay in constant contact with my bff's. 

I recently discovered two wonderful new pieces of technology that have made it extremely easy to communicate with all my bff's at once: Google+ Hangout, and Kakao Talk on the iPhone. We schedule Google+ "dates" whenever we can, and just talk. Mostly about random stuff, Uri's impending wedding and how excited we are to be reuniting once again for her special day, Janelle's doggies, Ai's Japanese adventures, and how hungry I am. Since discovering this wonderful new forum for us to utilize and stay in touch has been the best thing (so far) that has been invented. Now if only they could figure out how to beam us through the computers so we don't have to deal with this airport business, that would be amazing. 

Then there's Kakao talk, a free iPhone app that allows me to chat with them in between our dates, also about random stuff that only my bff's can appreciate, most recently we conversed about froyo and the Butt Bible. More on that later...

We also have Viber and WhatsApp. Viber allows us to call Ai overseas for free and works over 3G or wifi. This app is amazing because the calls are so clear, it seems like we're conversing over the regular network. And WhatsApp we used when Ai still had a blackberry and was similar to BBM, but could be used by both blackberry and iPhone users. I still use this because while Kakao also does one on one messaging, its a bit slower than WhatsApp.

And that's it. Seems like a lot, but these "tools" are extremely useful for our time apart, and its definitely helped us reconnect. I miss those girls still, but thank you technology for making the pain of distance more bearable.

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