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San Francisco Street Food Festival

Uri was in town this past weekend and we snuck in about 20 minutes of bonding time at the San Francisco Street Food Festival. Being the foodies we are, it seemed appropriate. It was a great experience being there, surrounded by all the best food trucks, and being packed in with all the other foodies in the city. The lines were insane, but that didn't stop anyone, including myself and Irwin's family, to line up and try everything out.

I started off with dessert, like I usually do, with a funnel cake. Then on to some pretty good ramen, and bites of Indian food, Mediterranean food, and ending again with dessert, sweet potato waffles (pictured below) which was probably the best thing I ate that day.

Next year, we decided we're gonna tag team the trucks. We'll all buy something from our top favorite trucks, and sit somewhere and take a bit from everyone else's plate. That way we can try everything without having to wait in line or get too full to try anything else. Because I was ready to keel over and sleep from all the food I ate.. but it was so worth it.

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