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Antonio S. Atup (1944-2011)

The weekend before my Mom's birthday, my Uncle Tony, who's had heart problems for the past 11 years (cardio myopathy), had to go to the ER. There was nothing more the doctor's could do for him, so he was in hospice care at home with my Auntie Flor. When we left Vegas after my Mom's birthday, he seemed to be okay. When I came back the following weekend for Uri's wedding, he took a turn for the worse. We saw him Thursday night after Steven picked us up from the airport, and he didn't look the same. Steven, being the good son that he is, had stayed with his mom all day to be there with her in case anything happened. 

Friday, just before Allison took us to the hotel to check in before Uri's rehearsal dinner, we went to go visit Uncle Tony one last time. But as we pulled up to the drive way, Steven called me and said he had passed. 

I couldn't believe it, we were just two seconds away from seeing him.. and he was gone. 

My whole family, including family friends I hadn't seen in a while, all made the trip to Vegas to support Auntie Flor, and my cousin Chris, Uncle Tony's son. It felt good to see everyone, despite all the emotions going on at the time.

I said this in my eulogy, but my uncle was a man of few words. I wasn't very close to him, but he was always very kind to me. On occasion reminiscing about the time he lived in San Francisco, and what he used to do up here. It hasn't really hit me that he won't be there during Christmas, and other family gatherings. But I'm glad he's not suffering anymore, and I hope and pray that he's in a peaceful place now. 

Rest in peace Uncle Tony. You won't be forgotten.

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