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Mom's 65th Birthday

So my momma turned 65 over the Labor Day Weekend, and she had a really good time. She loved that her birthday celebration lasted a whole weekend. She got to hang out with her sisters, shop, eat, and pretty much get spoiled by everyone. And of course we always have fun with my nieces, Mia and Bella, those two are quite a pair. Mia's quite the little devil, but you can't stay mad at her for long, especially when she smiles and says "I lub you Ninang Ma-tess". 

My Mom was so happy with the iPad2 me and Richie bought for her. Of course, she doesn't know how to use it, and I'm sure my Dad will use it more, but whatev.
And I got to sneak in some time with the future newly-weds (one more week till they're offically Mr. and Mrs.!!) at my favorite ice cream place, Atomic #7. We actually did a lot of eating this past weekend, my other favorite place being Grimaldi's (BEST pizza in Vegas).

It was great to catch up.. and an overall great weekend with the family.

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