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Team Uren: The Wedding Rehearsal

Flew into Vegas on Thursday night, stayed with my cousins so I could spend more time with my adorable nieces, and checked in to our hotel on Friday, just in time to get ready for Team Uren's rehearsal dinner. We were all asked to dress in San Francisco Giant's gear, as the couple are HUGE Giants fans. We all happily obliged, especially since a majority of the people attending the rehearsal dinner were from the Bay.

I was so happy to finally be reunited with my BFF's. We spent a majority of the time making fun of each other, reminiscing, eating, and of course taking pictures (I got to test out my new camera that I'm so in love with!). I LOVE them so much, and it was ridiculous how much we were laughing together while the rest of Uri and Loren's family looked at us like we were complete weirdos.

The rehearsal went well, despite the fact that our cabby didn't know how to get to the venue, and we had to rely on our phones to get us there. Afterwards, we were shuttled in this fancy bus to our dinner destination, which so happened to be one of the restaurants Uri's company owns. We were surrounded by TV's that were playing the Giants game that night, against the Dodgers (we lost! boooo).

 After dinner we played a round of Bingo, but not the traditional game of Bingo. The creative couple put together a Bingo sheet with fun little factoids about everyone in attendance at the rehearsal dinner, and the way to win was to get the correct person to sign their square, and whoever had double Bingo would win. It was tons of fun, minus the fact that I was embarassed by my little factoid because Loren's dad pointed it out (I'll keep that factoid to myself lol). And then the winners were presented with a Giants inspired tee shirt created by Uri, which was given out to all the Bingo winners (I got one!).Then the wedding party was given their Thank You gifts by Uri and Loren, and I LOVED our gifts. For the girls, we received a makeup/toiletry bag with our initials on them, filled with makeup goodies and lotion, and of course, a mini bottle of our favorite alcohol. Vodka isn't my favorite alcohol at all, BUT I loved what I got... the Crystal Head Vodka. Uri knew I had been obsessed with getting a bottle of that stuff, and somehow she found the miniature version. 

Uri, you're the bestest. 

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