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Fleet Week: the Blue Angels

I always love heading to the Wharf for Fleet Week. I enjoy the crowd, the various military personnel walking around, seeing the recruiters and people taking pictures with military soldiers in full combat gear. I always feel a sense of pride seeing all these young men and women who are the protector's of our country.

And then we passed by the Marine Corps booth where this one Marine was trying to show a crowd of gawking women how to do a pull up on an actual pull up bar.
Now you're just showing off... 

Anyway, before we arrived at the Wharf for the show, I FINALLY went to Miette, and bought one of every macaron they had, as well as a bag full of their signature marshmallows, and a chocolate pot de creme. The most delicious thing ever. I have to say, I didn't particularly like the Rose Geranium macaron because I don't like the flavor of flowers, but the other macarons were just heavenly. We decided that we're going to go back this coming weekend to enjoy the other food at the Ferry Building since we were in too much of a rush to look at everything else.

And of course, the Blue Angels. They never cease to amaze me. We missed the last bit of the show because we arrived at Justin's uncle's warehouse, where he was having a little party. Yummy food, good views and good company. And the weather was perfect. An absolutely blessed Saturday.

Jaden (Toledo's) 1st Birthday

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