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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays- the candy, the costumes, the creativity. It was fun at work too since our team held a Halloween Happy Hour at the nearby Chili's (right next to our new building). Our team won for best team costume (I think), so we won a Fooze Ball Table in our new area! The best costume was Wall-E, by my co-worker who apparently had not even finished watching Wall-E by the time he finished making the costume. When he started watching it, he said it would be the easiest costume ever. Riiiiiight.... (but apparently it was. For him.) Anyway, Uri helped me come up with the idea of being Minnie Mouse since I already had the ears she got me from Disneyland, so Tina decided to be Mickey. I think our homemade costumes came out pretty cute! 

Then Saturday came, and I baked up a storm- whoopie pies and cupcakes. And not just an ordinary chocolate cupcake, an Oreo Surprise Cupcake. Sad to say alcohol and sweets don't mix, but by morning most of it was gone. I decided to go to my usual default Gypsy costume, and Irwin decided to do something completely out of character. He dressed up as Bert (sans Ernie). However, the creepy red lights at Justin's house seemed to erase any semblance of color on anyone, so it wasn't until people took pictures with Irwin that they realized his face was painted yellow, not white. The party was so much fun! Got to hang out with my babe, Kat, and her evil twin (her younger sister Jennifer). Kat brought a ton of home cooked food which I happily scarfed down when I realized I'd had one too many drinks on an empty stomach.

Those of us that crashed at Justin's went to brunch the next day, cleaned up the house, napped, and napped some more. Such an exhausting weekend but well worth it!

xoxo, Tuesday

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