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Niner tailgate

Woke up on Sunday, after Irwin's party, and he was surprisingly not hung over, but I was. Didn't make it to the cousins' tailgate party like we had planned, as the three of us were trying to recover from the night before. We managed to get our energy up enough and headed out into the cold for the 49ers game against the Cardinals to continue Irwin's birthday weekend. I'm not a fan of football at all, and I didn't actually get into the game until the fourth quarter. I was so tired and the sight of more alcohol at the tailgate made me quesy but by the time the game started I was fine. Fortunately it didn't rain and the cold was bearable. As always, good times with Irwin's family, and the Niners won! Yayyyy.. 9-1!!! 

xoxo, Tuesday

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