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The secret party

Today my love turns old. Okay he turned 30. On Saturday, I threw a surprise party for him at Otis Lounge downtown- our favorite bar. It was a nice, intimate space I rented out just for our friends to come and enjoy the music (provided by Irwin's friend, CJ), my homemade Cinnabon cupcakes (Irwin requested it. Yeah ionno), and just toast to Irwin's old age. I was SO happy with the party, despite one person's attempt to sabotage it (hater). But Irwin was genuinely surprised, and he and everyone else seemed to have a great time. His brother came down from Portland and helped me to keep him distracted, and drove us home after the party (Thanks Junior!!). I was really happy that his sister and fiance also came, along with a few out of town cousins. Fantastic-awesome party. I was truly grateful to everyone who came and who kept it a surprise, and to his two friends, Renee and Justin for helping me set up at the bar before we arrived. Happy 30th honey!!
xoxo, Tuesday
{Thanks to Kristy for these first few iPhone pics- I forgot to take pictures of the cupcakes in all my excitement}

Niner tailgate

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