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Bocce Ball

On Wednesday, my team had an Off-site for half the day so we could take a break from the Holiday craziness at work. We went to the Bocce Ball courts at Orange Park near our work, and we all had a great time. But the best part was watching the pro's play it- these 70-80 year old Italian men, cursing in Italian, calling each other out for cheating, and just being (cute)grumpy men. Except for the few that actually came out to watch us and give us a few pointers on how to play. One man even asked our director what school we all went to . -_- well.. We all pretty much looked like we could've been in high school, so I don't blame him.. even though our ages ranged from mid 20's to early 30's.. but that's cool. It was so much fun though, between the old men and our feeble attempts to play, (and my one move that made my team lose at the last minute, sorry green team!) it was definitely a nice way to relax with everyone and just be silly.

(photos courtesy of my manager Karen, and Tanya)
xoxo, Tuesday

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