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A couple months ago, I discovered that Janelle's sister, Joreen, was starting her own jewelry line. I was so excited for her! It's awesome to know someone who can make jewelry! We semi-brainstormed some ideas during a Google+ session I was having with Janelle, and I was extremely anxious to see her designs. She sent me a couple samples (specifically made for me, yay!) and I wear them everyday. I love them so much. She's so awesome that she even made a plate for me to help create my blog header!

Check out her jewelry line, named JomartinDesigns, at her brand new Etsy shop here! I'm so proud of her! I knew she was a talented photographer, but I had no idea how creative she was with jewelry. I may be ordering a couple cuffs from her as Christmas presents since she can pretty much create anything you want! Amazing. Just. Amazing.

xoxo, Tuesday

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