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Taboo and Moustaches

Thanks again to Google Hangout- I was able to brush up on my Taboo skills in preparation for our annual "Winter Op-lympics" at work. I was supposed to just be a back-up in case someone couldn't "perform". I really thought I wouldn't be playing, but it turns out the first round fell on a day that one of our team members was going to be out.. SO- here comes me.. panicked because I suck at Taboo.

Thankfully, Uri had it and we got to practice for a bit. Note to self: asthma is a tough word to give clues for. Thanks ho bag!

On the plus side, we discovered that there's a new feature within Google Hangout that lets you put a mustache on yourself.. and it follows your mouth! Kept us entertained for a while!

xoxo, Tuesday

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