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Christmas 2011: via iPhone

I've been fairly quick to reach for my iPhone for pictures because I seem to capture moments better (quicker) than grabbing my camera, turning it on, putting it to the right setting, etc. So here are a few of the faves I took during my Christmas vacation.

Decided to go the DIY path with my gift wrapping. Craft paper, yarn, cloth, a few pine leaves here and there. Loved the way it turned out! I may end up wrapping all presents this way from now. 

Flew home to spend one night at my parents' house, then drove early the next morning to Vegas to meet with the rest of the Garcia clan for Christmas. I've missed my ugly-cute-fat Mochi.

Richie had to use the bathroom. Close to Barstow. I love desert pictures.

I love these two so much. This picture embodies their relationship exactly. Kidding. Isabella's a really good big sister. And baby sister number 3 is on the way...

Some delicious macarons from Sambalatte, right next door to my favorite pizzeria in Vegas, Grimaldi's.

Beautiful gold Coach watch from Irwin. He knew I'd been looking for a gold watch for a couple months, and this literally made me gasp. It was exactly what I was looking for...

Fun fact: Ramen was actually called Lamen.

Irwin shooting the M4. Terrifying, but extremely fun.

And me, learning to load, and shoot the M4. Not gonna lie, the shooters around me were scaring the bejezus out of me. But once I started going, it was AWESOME. Three round bursts = amazeballs/scary as shit. Everytime I go shooting, I get intimidated by the power that I'm holding in my hands, but as I keep going, I manage to calm down and enjoy it.

The last sunset of 2011.

Team Fist Pump and our Gingerbread House

Goodbye 2011!