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Team Fist Pump and our Gingerbread House

Last year, our department started something called the Winter Op-lympics (Operations, Olympics, get it... cool). There are three rounds, and each team is typically represented by groups of 4 or 5. I signed up to be the backup for our team, Team Fist Pump (random, I know. I didn't create the name lol - but it became very appropriate throughout the game), in case someone couldn't make it on the scheduled round. I ended up having to play during the first round, which was Taboo. During practice, we were HORRIBLE. Even walking in we totally felt like the underdogs.. but our practice ended up helping us a lot. We won the first round! And after every rotation, our "fans" would silently fist pump in the background. So much fun, and so intense. Yay, Team Fist Pump!

Thanks to Tina for the pictures!

We also have weekly "Munchies" where each department hosts Holiday themed snacks. One team hosted a gingerbread house contest, and this was ours. Sadly it didn't win. It was barely able to stay up, and we had a drunk looking Santa on it, but at least it was fun to put together. I'd never built a gingerbread house before, so this was a fun experience.

White Elephant at the Marriott and Pictures with Santa

Christmas 2011: via iPhone