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28 +1 day/night

I originally didn't want to celebrate my birthday, but Tina encouraged and helped me plan for something the day after my actual birthday. We agreed on dinner at a pizza place in North Beach because I was craving pizza, followed by drinks at Nihon- a cute little whiskey lounge in the Mission. My (much) younger cousins came up from San Jose and joined us for dinner, and we all enjoyed the pizza and some shelter from the rain. I was gifted with a cute cousin card from the girls and actual smiles from the boys. I was really happy that they came out to celebrate with me. Afterwards, we parted ways and headed to Nihon, where I have found my new favorite whiskey thanks to my friend Astra (who is responsible for introducing Irwin to me back in the day). A few friends came by who I hadn't seen in a while and it was great to catch up with them. I also got to debut my ShoeMint shoes which was the most exciting part of my outfit. I towered over everyone, but am fortunate that Irwin is so tall, I still didn't surpass his height. I had to squat a little for pictures so I didn't seem like a total giant, but totally worth it for these shoes. Overall, it was a wonderful birthday celebration- let's see what 28 holds for me this year!

Thanks to Tina and Astra for the pictures!
P.S. that weird thing me, Astra, and Irwin are doing is called the "hover hand". Look it up, it's pretty hilarious.

Happy Valentine's Day