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Happy Valentine's Day

Belated Valentine's Day post!

Bf and I decided to stay home and cook our own "romantic" dinner, which may or may not have involved us moving over to the couch to watch the Warriors game. Still romantic in my book. So we decided we'd try to copy our favorite dinner from Circa- steak with white truffle mac and cheese. The steak was easy for Irwin to make, whereas this was my first time making the white truffle mac and cheese, but I was SO excited to finally use the truffle oil I bought a few months ago. I was missing a couple ingredients, but the final result was FANTASTIC. Irwin loved it so much which made me really happy. We also decided to make brussel sprout chips, inspired by the ones we first tried at Marlowe. The dinner was completely indulgent, but we had room for dessert- a homemade pizookie. Granted I'm cheating a little on the "homemade" part. The cookie dough was from my coworker's daughter who was selling pre-made cookie dough for her school. Topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream, we finished that whole thing in under a minute. Don't judge. 

I asked him a couple years ago to not give flowers anymore because I don't much care for them. I'll take some dessert over flowers any day. So this year he decided to be creative. He wouldn't let me see what he was working on, and granted it took him a while to finish this, but it was well worth it.If you look up Crayon Art, you'll see where he got his inspiration. It was pretty awesome to see the final result. I'm so proud of my man, being all creative and everything. And while he was working on his gift, I decided that I should be creative too, so, I made him a card. Along with a 3D heart box with our picture in the back. I know, cheese on cheese. But it's nice to get crafty once in a while, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time for that.

Also received a Valentine from my friend Jade in Maui. Such a sweetheart!

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