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Club Zone

Went out last Saturday to hang out with CJ for his friend's birthday party, and Irwin's cousin Priscilla who was visiting from SD, at our old haunt on Broadway. It was fun, and it's always good to see Astra, even if it's for a couple shots and a few minutes of her time. And Chunk, for always hitting on Irwin before he lets us into the club. Joke. Kinda.

I don't remember taking all of these pictures but we ran into Irwin's friend from High School, who take's photos for certain club events. Thankfully I wasn't too far gone when these were taken, and I have to say it's been a while since me and Irwin had a decent picture together. Don't mind the pinky in the first shot. And I just realized that I'm holding that same shot in all the pictures. Awesome.

Thanks Elvin!

KONY 2012

Happy Valentine's Day