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The Weekend of Ceddy

We drove up to Portland this past weekend because Irwin's brother asked us both to be his youngest son's (Ceddy) godparents, and of course, we happily accepted. Once we got there, we were welcomed with beautiful (albeit rare) Oregon weather. The sun was out, not a cloud was in the sky. We decided to go for a walk in the St. John neighborhood where they live. Walked out to the bridge, and over to Cathedral Park Kitchen (CPK) to see what time they were open for dinner, and ended up staying there for happy hour. The drinks were delicious- I enjoyed their Boston Sour which I am determined to learn how to make. And the appetizers were delicious, the fontina fries were amazing! And the restaurant had a great view of St. John's Bridge. Later that evening, we went out to Mac! Mac and Cheesery. I enjoyed the Truffle Mac and Cheese immensely (good thing I "fasted" all week).

The following day, I headed out with all the girls: Irwin's mom, Chevella (Ceddy's mom), Chevella's mom and aunt, and went shopping downtown (no tax!! woohoo!). We were only able to get to one store, H&M and I loved it! They had the stuff that would be typically sold out in the SF store so I was going crazy in there. Went back home to eat and went to church. Then watched The Hunger Games with Irwin and Cielo in the theater nearby that served beer and wine and some damn good pizza. Overall I liked it, but because I knew the book so well, I felt like it cut out a lot of important details, but at least I was entertained.

Then came the big day, Ceddy's Baptism. Since the event wasn't till 1:30, we decided to go to Voodoo Doughnuts. I had been craving it since Irwin's parents told us about it and I saw a cameo of the cute pink box in one of my favorite shows, Grimm. Afterwards, Junior (Ceddy's dad/Irwin's brother) took us on a mini tour of downtown Portland. We visited Mill Ends Park, which is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the smallest park in the world. Kinda crazy. Then off to OHSU which was this huge medical campus with great views of Portland. You could even see Mt. St. Helen in the distance, completely covered in snow. I was amazed by the tram that went from the top of the hill down to the bottom. The campus was gorgeous and the views were definitely beautiful. We headed back to get ready (I debuted my Jason Wu x Target dress that Uri sent for my birthday) and went off to the church. Ceddy was excited but surprisingly calm as he posed for picture after picture. The ceremony was great and the priest was really nice. Now Ceddy is officially my second Godchild, and Irwn's 25th... or something like that. He's got a ridiculous amount of godchildren. After the ceremony we went to Chevella's mom's house for some awesome homemade Mexican food and some yummy spiked drinks. Unfortunately we had to leave Sunday night so we could rest after the 10 hour trip. Such a great weekend that flew by much too fast. Missing the Portland fam already.