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After discovering this girl's blog recently, I couldn't help but bust out my chuck's and my new favorite H&M jeans. I also couldn't resist what I call the "Cher" look: cropped sweater over a long button down. I forget how much I loved my leather chucks before, and I'm always asked where I got them (the lining is black instead of the usual red), and I honestly can't remember because I've had them for so long. And this sweater always makes me laugh, because it is a result of Irwin's inability to do the laundry. He managed to shrink this sweater about 3 times- the first time I laughed because it fit me perfectly, loose but fitting enough. Then the second time, it just shrunk to this awkward length, and finally it turned into this mini sweater that I've grown to love. Thankfully it can't shrink anymore. I love reaping the benefits of Irwin's failed laundry attempts.

leather Converse sneakers, H&M Super Squin jeans, Forever 21 button down, Gap sweater, Coach watch, Hawaiian earrings, H&M coat

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