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Look: Zara

I've been too lazy and uninspired lately, and had been falling back on my "all black, everything" look, but I had to post my "birthday presents" outfit. My parents gave me this rose gold Kenneth Cole watch that I saw somewhere online, and I'm in love. It's completely weird because the back is transparent, but I totally love it. Also, I've been lusting over these Zara waxed trousers for a while, and Irwin finally got them for me... along with some other Zara goodies which included the double strap leather sandals that I couldn't remove from my feet after receiving them in the mail. Both are ridiculously comfortable, and the sandals worked with my outfit so I decided to break them in at work. It was warm that day so it was perfect to wear. Now just waiting for the warmth to return again so I can wear them with some asymetrical skirts, maxi dresses and some cute cut offs.

F21 cutout sweater, Zara waxed trousers and leather sandals, Kenneth Cole watch

xoxo, Tuesday

Look: ShoeMint - Hatties

KONY 2012