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Manic Monday

Daylight Savings Time. Blah. But at least I had a fun and productive weekend. Went to Kome buffet in Daly City for some yummy Asian food. I tried this weird Jell-o type thing that Irwin's cousin described as "dirty water with fish in it". We thought it might be some kind of green tea Jell-o, but after a taste, decided that Irwin's cousin was right. It tasted like dirty water with fish in it. The other desserts however were very delightful, and I would definitely go back to that buffet. Then off to Somar for Sonia's birthday which is always fun. I don't think I've ever gone there and had a bad time. No outfit pictures because I dressed for comfort and warmth as opposed to.. well, cute. Did my taxes on Sunday, despite my hangover, woohoo! Did a TON of laundry, started prepping which warm clothes and layers to bring to Yosemite this weekend, received a cute picture of Mia and didn't recognize her, and ate, and ate, played Oregon Settler and Garden Dash till I fell asleep. Great weekend. AND, we get our bonuses this week. HAPPY MONDAY!!

KOR Collector

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