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Bentonville, Arkansas

This past week I had to fly to Bentonville, Arkansas for work. My manager and I flew out on Monday, and while waiting at SFO, I saw the rookie Golden State Warrior, Klay Thompson. Unfortunately I had my laptop out and stuff laid out all around me and couldn't get up to ask for a picture or an autograph, but eventually I got over it. Karen laughed at my "teeny bopperish" excitement until I calmed down. It took ALL day to get to Arkansas, with our connecting flight in Dallas/Fort Worth delayed on the runway due to inclement weather. The following day, a tornado ripped through the Dallas/Fort Worth area- don't even want to think about what would have happened if we ended up there.

Fortunately the weather in Bentonville was beautiful compared to the last time I went (which was during the summer- 100 degree weather is not cool). Karen and I went to work, meeting team members new and old, and exploring new areas I missed last time. We went back to Walton's Five and Dime which had been renovated after I left, as well as the new Visitor Center and the Spark Cafe (Spark for Walmart's logo). Went candy shopping in the Visitor Center and picked up a few souvenir's. We had dinner with other team members at Famous Dave's and had dessert at Andy's Frozen Custard. The next day we had a few more meetings and took the company "shuttle" (a small jet) back home. The shuttle was AMAZING. Now I know what it feels like to fly in your own plane. I loved that I could take LIQUIDS on the plane, didn't have to deal with going through security  or worry about my phone or using my iPad. It was a 7 passenger plane, and fairly small yet spacious at the same time. There was a tiny bathroom in the back, which thankfully no one had to use, and it was a smooth ride the whole way. I'm so spoiled now, I don't think I can ever fly commercial again. I'm so glad to be home now but this trip was definitely more fruitful and fun than the last.

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