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Ar-tee-chokes and Dough Nuts

This weekend was fantastic because I ended up doing absolutely nothing. No plans, no errands to run. I ended up staying home, watching THREE movies (okay technically two, I finally fell asleep around the third one) - 50/50 - LOVED it.. and its not just because I'm in love with JGL, it was just a really good movie. Then watched The Other Guys - I needed a pick me up/comedy after seeing 50/50. Tried to watch the second Sherlock Holmes but that didn't pan out because it was midnight by then and my eyes were done. It's amazing how tired you can get after doing nothing all day. Sunday though was much more productive. Went to Church, went to Costco, and cooked/baked up a storm in the kitchen. I was seriously in the kitchen for about 6 hours.. or more. It was great though, I finally got to make and eat the things I'd been craving, like artichokes (got them for a dollar because self-checkout is awesome), FINALLY baked lavender scones from the mix Jade and Denyne sent to me for my birthday. YUM. And baked some blueberry cake donuts and vanilla donuts just for fun. Wish more weekends were like this one... 

Memorial Weekend

Mother's Day