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Mother's Day

Over the weekend, I surprised my momma with a quick visit for Mother's Day weekend. It was a very nice reprieve from everything that has been happening in my life lately. After Richie got off work, we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. I apparently got my mom a bit drunk off a margarita, but it definitely made dinner more interesting. Afterwards, we rushed to the movie theater next door to catch the next showing of the Avengers. Loved it.. even when my mom asked during the movie which character Robert Downey Jr was supposed to be, and I whispered "Iron Man" and she says out LOUD "That's not Spiderman!" SMH. Still love my mom lol After the movie, we wandered back, the parents were craving something sweet, so we stopped by the crepe cart where my mom said she only wanted the smallest crepe, but proceeded to order the biggest crepe they had. It was amusing trying to get all of us to eat the dessert with only one person holding the plate.. and in the dark. We left just as the Disneyland fireworks started going off. It was the perfect end to our Saturday. On Sunday, we went to church- haven't been to mass at St. Pius in so long, it was definitely great to be there. Wandered around the mall afterward since we were so full from my parents homemade breakfast, and then ate a late lunch at CPK. I was sad to leave but I'll be back again next weekend for the Memorial Day holiday, so definitely can't wait for that. 

Ar-tee-chokes and Dough Nuts

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