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Weekend iPhone Re-cap

The weekend was nice and slow, and the weather was phenomenal. Friday night sorta killed my energy level for the entire weekend, but it was totally worth it. Went to a friend's birthday party at Noble SF, got to hang out with my lovely Astra and her equally awesome cousin. And Irwin's friends from Irvine came up for a visit, so we met up with them afterwards at Big Food Lodge, though we never made it inside- had to stop by the pizza place next door where I found a variety of Kit Kat's and chocolates that fascinated me. Headed over to Mayes, which was actually pretty cool, good crowd, interesting drunks, and was pleasantly surprised that both spots actually played Justin Bieber's new song. Started a new tradition of going to Lucky Chances after the bar when Alex comes to visit. Made me feel a little nostalgic being there.. oh the good times. Ended up sleeping about 2 hours before waking up to go to my hair appointment, and proceeded to sleep off and on the rest of the day. But I DID muster up enough energy to watch The Avengers! Loved it!
Sunday was just as slow, went to Church, ran some errands, went back home because I was still not feeling 100%. But overall a great weekend- and a great reminder of old I'm getting and how I can't handle crazy Friday nights anymore. Oh well.

Mother's Day

Rocky Road Cupcakes