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Martini, Makeup, Hair

After a LONG week, catching up with work, planning Karen's goodbye party, baking, and trying to work out, I just needed to relax. After work, Tina and I had a massage thanks to a Groupon special we found, and it was heaven. The next day, I helped Tina and Kiki get ready for a wedding they were attending, where Kiki was the flower girl. Kiki's hair was the easiest to put up, not the easiest to make a 5 year old stop running around and messing up her hair. Needless to say I sprayed as much as I could till her hair felt like plastic. And I got to do Tina's hair and makeup, and that was fun. She looked fantastic (if I do say so myself), and they were both ready for the wedding! The rest of the day was total bliss- I ended up falling asleep again, and then went out with the bf to grab a drink at BJ's. Nothing makes me happier than a dirty martini (3 olives please). Total bliss.


Karen's last day