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Last Tuesday, June 19, I said "Goodbye FOREVER!" to my glasses and contacts, and my life has never been better. I had been waiting a few years to finally have the courage.. and to finally be pushed over the edge- to get LASIK. I think I may have just gotten a few bad boxes of contacts, but it irritated me enough where it was seriously interfering with work and even my social life. And I love to wear my glasses, but I could only wear them for a certain amount of time before eventually they just irritated me. So one morning while driving to work, I heard this commercial on the radio for LASIK by Dr. Newman. And just after it played, I saw his billboard off the side of the freeway. It was a sign! (Literally). So I called to schedule my FREE consultation that Saturday. I went in, found out I was a candidate, and two days later, scheduled my surgery. I was FREAKING out the whole day, because I scheduled it after work. I tried to be calm, I took one Valium, but it turned out not to be enough. Even Dr. Newman's staff could tell I wasn't calm enough. I took a second one, and decided I'd watch the guy ahead of me get his surgery done. After watching the 10 minute procedure, I was convinced. (Okay maybe it was the Valium that convinced me).

The procedure was seriously painless. The only thing that felt awkward, was the clamp Dr. Newman used to hold my eyelids up- I kinda felt my eye pop up a little, but other than, I didn't feel a thing. The entire time I kept thinking that this is what it must feel like to be abducted by aliens- the LIGHTS!! So bright and so... alien-like. Okay, must've been the Valium in my system making me think that too, but I like to think that I was trying not to freak out. Anyway, Irwin watched the whole procedure and was surprised by how fast it was. Dr. Newman was surprised at how calm I was, and at one point I was supposed to smell something similar to burning skin or hair, but I was afraid to move when the laser was on me so I was holding my breath, I didn't smell anything.

Before the procedure, Dr. Newman told me to take a look at the clock, and of course it was blurry. But right after the procedure, he told me to look at the clock again, and though it was a bit cloudy, I could see it! I distinctly remember the time, 6:35pm.

I walked out with these not so cool sunglasses, but I could see!! I was beyond amazed. Once I got home though, it was a different story. My eyes could not stop tearing, and Irwin had to help put the eye drops on me because my eyes were so dry, it was hard to open them on my own. I also had to sleep with these goggle-type things, but they're actually really comfortable. I knocked out around 9pm (they suggest you just sleep it off anyway to help your eyes heal). The first thing I noticed the next morning was that I could see the alarm clock clearly... and my eyes have been so awesome since then. They told me my eyes would improve every day, and when I went in for a quick check up, I found out that I've got 20/20 vision already! It's just been surreal. I'll never take my vision for granted... ever. The best part, was a couple days later, I was in the bathroom at work, and this girl was fiddling with her contacts, and I told her I had a bottle of contact solution at my desk. I told her she could have it because I just got LASIK and didn't need it anymore. SECOND best feeling in the world- the first of course being able to see without contacts. The only downside is not being able to wear eye makeup for a week- I look like a tired 12 year old at work now, but definitely a worthy sacrifice.

Thank you so much to Dr. Newman and his staff, especially Selena, his very sweet French assistant, they are seriously amazing. So friendly and accommodating, they do everything they can to make you comfortable. Can't believe I waited this long, but I'm so glad I finally did it. If you're looking into this, at LEAST go in for the consultation.. This. will. change your life.

xoxo, Tuesday

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