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Party Bus and Pump It Up

Epic weekend. We were in LA originally for Mia and Ryan's birthday at Pump It Up, and then an impromptu surprise birthday party for Kristy. Some highlights though: 

1. Seeing the baby bro, and finding the last two bottles of Stella Rosa in the store 
2. Shopping 
3. Eating home cooked breakfast 
4. Double-decker party bus for only 15 people. 
5. Alcohol fully stocked in aforementioned double-decker bus. 
6. Delicious dinner that I apparently was not clear headed enough to eat. 
7. Seeing the nieces(especially static-haired Victoria), nephews, and cousins at Pump-it Up. 
8. Finding out my cousin, Jennifer, is preggo's with baby boy #2! 

It was one exhausting weekend, but definitely one we'll always remember. 

Wisdom Wednesday

Wedding #2: Jenn and Cory