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USF reunion

Uri flew down for a wedding this past weekend, and I made sure to kidnap her as early as I could to get in enough BFF time. Inspired by a recent team picnic at work, where we all wore alumni garb, I asked Uri if we could go and visit our alma mater, just to see where our tuition went. We were in for a surprise. The biggest thing that changed at USF was the cafeteria. AH-MAZING. I bet if we went to school there now, we wouldn't (or I wouldn't have) gained the freshman 15 at ALL. Some random student made fun of us when we tried to walk in through the old entrance, but luckily was nice enough to "let" us follow him in (you need a student ID to get into the cafeteria). Afterwards, we headed downtown for some retail therapy- something we always make time for. It was a good day, and seeing my bff always lifts my spirits. I feel whole again.

Two Birthday Girls