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A Disney Halloween (and Christian's Very Merry Pre-Birthday)

My cousin Christian was turning 21 the day before Halloween, and to my surprise, wanted to spend his birthday at Disneyland. So off we went, and while Christian's attempt to plan turned into a massive fail, it was still a lot of fun. And it's always great seeing my "little" cousins. Richie joined us of course, and we decided to make some "Magic" drinks before walking into the park. This was a good idea... Until around 4pm when we slowly started dying. By 10pm we called it quits- we had already been on all the rides we wanted (twice), and my voice and posture were slowly wilting. Good times though, and definitely a lesson learned: Bring drinks in, but drink them later, and never let Christian plan anything.

Halloween Extravaganza Opa Gangnam Style

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