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RumChata and Cookies

Last night we hung out with one of my favorite couples ever, Shalina and Jimmy, who also happen to be getting married in a month! I offered to make their wedding favors, consisting of two different types of cookies, chewy gingersnap and the New York Times chocolate chip cookie. The cookies ended up being somewhat of a fail (who refrigerates their cookie dough for 24 hours?? Oh, people who bake REALLY good cookies). Aside from that, we enjoyed homemade pizza, Jimmy's specialty, and trying to create the best tasting Old Fashioned. Oh, and taking "awkward family photos" with Eric who also joined us for a bit, and Shalina's cutie pie dog, Bailey. Wonderful night, and definitely can't wait for their wedding!

Cotton on top, H&M sweater, UNIQLO jeggings, Walmart booties, Coach wristlet

Leather and Kicks

Sean Pierre Photography