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Halloween Extravaganza Opa Gangnam Style

I volunteered to help our "fun committee" at work, to help put together our first "Halloween Extravaganza". And because I am also part of one of the bigger (and fun) departments, we decided to compete for all 3 contests: best team costume, best cube decoration, best pumpkin carving. Remind me to never volunteer again. the week leading up to the event was completely insane, from decorating to planning to running across the street to get more paint for our carving. It ended up being a huge success, minus the fact that we didn't have the floor to do our (ill-practiced) Gangnam Style dance. We ended up placing 3rd I think, outlet pumpkin won second (Aptly named Hurricane Sandy, after all the issues that were caused), and we won first place for our cube decoration. I was so exhausted afterward, I just looked forward to handing out candy to trick-or-treaters... Even though only 3 showed up due to rain.

Hope your Halloween was fun and exciting!

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