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Shalina + Jimmy Wedding (aka The Stillmohamed's)

The BIG weekend finally arrived for Shalina and Jimmy - and I was SO happy to be there to witness all of our talks come into fruition. I had volunteered to bake the cookies for their wedding favors, and we decided on chocolate chip and chewy gingersnap - each cookie represented the individuality of Shalina and Jimmy - I'll let you guess which cookie belonged to who. I had intended on staying in all weekend to bake and cookie cutter out ALL 300 cookies, but we ended up having visitors that weekend (Irwin's sister, and pretty much half of his cousins). I definitely put them to work, bagging, putting the cards in, tagging, and counting the cookie packs. And of course we enjoyed munching on the cookies that broke or crumbled. 

When we arrived at the famous wedding venue (Nestldown, CA), I started getting goosebumps. Everything was just naturally gorgeous! Shalina didn't have to do much to make the venue look pretty - and the best part is that the whole area was a great representation of Shalina and Jimmy. From the moment Shalina walked down the steps from the top of the hill, to her final walk down the aisle as a single lady (hehe), it was all just magic and fun. I couldn't have been more happy for my friend. After the ceremony, we walked back up the hill for the open bar and DELICIOUS hors d'oeuvres. I was so hungry by that time I ate about 5 of each of the delicious appetizers, while also enjoying a glass of wine (or two). It was surprisingly cold, so we kept drinking to make ourselves warm.. yeah, that was it. I had planned my outfit well at least - wearing a dress and necklace by F21, Heat-Tech tights AND knee high socks from UNIQLO, and Charlotte Russe boots I picked up on my trip to Bentonville, AR. I was definitely warm.

After signing the guestbook and seeing the infamous mattress spring that they had salvaged from a flea market (which was SUCH a great idea btw), we went inside and was totally wow-ed by the ambiance and decor. It was very intimate and cozy, with the HUGE fireplace going and everyone laughing and drinking the night away. Seriously, a beautiful wedding. You never would have guessed that she had planned this in only 8 months! And I'm still dreaming of those cookies... 

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