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A Very Merry Christmas (Vacation)

After a relatively stress-free work week (but stressful baking and last minute gifting and wrapping week), I flew home ready to relax and enjoy the company of my lovely family. Most of my week consisted of eating, but the best part was working out with Richie's best friend, Arque. He's training for a men's physique competition, and had recently inspired me to eat better and work out. I never thought I'd see the day that I would be working out every day of my Christmas vacation, but I was so happy I did. As much as it was family time, it was "me" time. I really needed the week with my family to relax and unwind.

Richie and I also surprised our parents with Disneyland passes for Christmas. They were so happy! We took them to Disneyland on Christmas Day and it was sooo much fun. We were being silly all day, eating too much and enjoying all the rides.. And ending it with drinks at California Adventure. It was seriously the best Christmas ever, my heart was full and happy.

Later on in the week, me, Richie, and Arque finally went to hike up to Griffith Observatory. I had been wanting to go all week, but none of us could wake up early enough. Thankfully, Arque came over and surprised us, and managed to make Richie get out of bed haha. (I think you'd wake up too if a big muscular man jumped on top of you and pushed you out of bed). It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a hike, despite the weather predictions that it was going to rain. The sky was clear (as can be considering the LA smog), and the weather was just right. We did the tourist thing and took tons of pictures. I just couldn't believe the view - it was really gorgeous, something I had never really associated with City of Angels. We also thought we could hike to the Hollywood sign from the Observatory, but it turns out they don't allow people to go up there anymore. So we drove to the closest possible spot, scrambled up the tallest hill we could find, and took pics. We left immediately after because there were plenty of other people trying to squeeze together on top of the small hill to take pictures.

All in all, I didn't want my vacation to end. It was exactly what I needed to end a busy 2012.

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