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Couples Photoshoot

Last weekend, Irwin and I had the pleasure of helping out our friend Sean by posing for a couples photoshoot. He was the photographer who asked me to model for him a few months ago, and I willingly obliged because he is so passionate about making this his craft and his career, and because I totally admire the hard work he and his girlfriend Pam are putting into this to make it work. 

Sean said he needed some experience before doing a shoot for a member of the Oakland Raiders in January, and with some pleading, Irwin gave in (I had fun shooting with Sean and Pamela last time, so I wasn't worried). 

We met up downtown, in the Financial District. I had hoped that it would get warmer, but even with the sun out it was FREEZING. The bay breeze sweeping through the alleys where we were shooting didn't help much either. And at one point we were running back and forth across a busy intersection to get a good shot of us kissing in the middle of the street. It was definitely a fun experience, and it was a good excuse to hang out with one of my favorite couples. The pictures turned out so gorgeous, and I was so happy when Sean sent them to us. I couldn't believe how well they turned out. Freezing in my skirt and knee highs was well worth it.

If you ever need a photographer, please check out Sean's website, I know you won't be disappointed. 

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