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49er Weekends and Superbowl Sunday

A few things happened the last couple of weekends: hung out with my little cousins, and drank in a park like we were in college (okay, so they're in still in college), Walmart.com Holiday party at Lucky Strike downtown, and watched the 49ers win against the Falcons and move on to the Super Bowl. 

Then came Super Bowl Sunday, and of course everyone in the city was out, even at 9am. All the bars were packed and everyone had their Niner gear on, ready to cheer on our home team. Then came the touchdown, the scraped and bruised thigh, ripped jeans, and the Niners lost. Not gonna lie, I was never a football fan beforehand (though I always rooted for bay area teams no matter the sport), but that loss hurt. Now I can't wait for football to start next season. I know we can do it next year!

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