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JC + John Collins

My lovely cousin, JC, turned 29 about a month after me. She was having a hard time planning her birthday party and recruited my help since I find party planning to be exciting. She ended up picking John Collins (the same place where I had my birthday) which was pretty awesome since I really liked that bar. Astra helped us get her a table too with bottle service so that was equally awesome (since she works there). Facebook invites were sent out, and the party was set. The night was so much fun! It turns out that her bff's boyfriend happened to be my old elementary school classmate, so talk about a blast from the past. I hadn't seen him since my freshman year in high school I think. It was good seeing him and catching up. A few other old faces showed up too- it looked like John Collins was the place to be that night. 

Good drinks, good company, good music. Happy Birthday cuzz!!!

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