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LA Visit + Pat's Birthday

I'd been itching to go home and visit my family for a while now (okay since I got back from Christmas break- I'm a big baby), and this past weekend I finally had nothing planned, AND Pat was having a birthday party on Saturday, so we had double motivation to drive down to LA. We headed to LA after work, with Irwin's other cousin, Noralie, in tow, and arrived around 1 in the morning. On Saturday, we took our parents to Boiling Crab since they hadn't been yet. We completely lucked out! Boiling Crab is notorious for the long wait, but we happened to go to one of the larger ones in Santa Ana and only had to wait 5 minutes for a table. I'd been craving Boiling Crab since our last visit, so I was so happy to be there stuffing my face with crab and shrimp covered in "the whole shebang". 

Afterwards, we did a bit of shopping, then headed home to get ready for Pat's birthday party. We met up with the cousins at the hotel, which happened to be only a 5 minute ride to The Federal Bar where we were going that night. We THOUGHT we were all going to get cabs to the bar, but to everyone's surprise, there was a party limo waiting for us on the other side of the hotel. It was only supposed to fit about 18, but we managed to be fit (I think) 24 people inside. The limo even had a red carpet, and the door went up like the Back to the Future car. We took video (below) of Pat and all the flash from the camera's made it seem like we were paparazzi haha. We drank, created our own beer pong table, and danced the night away. Afterward, we were pretty much falling apart at Denny's and decided to head back home. Irwin was a trooper though, since he gave up alcohol for Lent. He managed on Red Bull and water! 

The next day was Palm Sunday, so we went to church. I wore my favorite dress from the Prabal Gurung x Target line, and fortunately no one else was wearing the dress during mass. We decided to go to a buffet for lunch, where we stuffed ourselves and headed home since we were all sleepy. It was  beautiful day, and I was just glad we managed to fit in a lot of time with family (though I missed seeing my cousin Jennifer, bad scheduling on my part). Then Monday morning, we headed home. 

What a great weekend.

Easter Sunday

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