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Sonnia's Pisces Burlesque Birthday

Friday night was Sonnia's Pisces Burlesque Birthday Bash at Dragon Rouge in Alameda. It had been a fairly long and exciting week, so I was looking forward to going out. I made sure I worked out beforehand since I was going to be wearing a crop top, but I realized that it also helped me to not feel so tired by 10pm, as is typical of me on Friday nights. I didn't want to drink too much since I've been eating clean for a few weeks now, and I was scared the alcohol would just make my stomach hurt. But we had a good time, it was fun seeing Sonnia and CJ, and just being out in general. 

The next day, to celebrate the bit of good news Irwin and I received this past week, we went to have dinner at House of Prime Rib. Below is the before and after picture, and I felt like I ate a huge chunk of my prime rib, but in the end, it looks like I didn't even touch it. Afterwards, we picked up some Mint Mojito's from Philz, and then headed home. The food put us in a total coma, and I knocked out around 7pm. 

All I can say is.. I needed that sleep.

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