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Auntie Lily's Bday Weekend

My parents came to visit over the weekend for my aunt's 60th birthday. We took them downtown to walk around and see our ginormous mall, then thru Chinatown where Irwin's parents met up with us for some quick Dim Sum (although my parents and aunt were too full and tired to eat any). They enjoyed walking around the random little shops and haggling. It was funny seeing them struggle going downhill, and after about an hour of it, they were thoroughly tired, not to mention that it was starting to get really chilly- my mom is such a SoCal lady now that 70 degrees is cold for her. 

Sunday after church, we went to San Jose to celebrate Auntie Lily's actual birthday. We ate at a buffet (my family loves buffets), and we had a nice lunch together. Once again, the weekend was just too short, but I was so glad I got to see the parentals, even if it was for a short weekend. 

Happy Birthday Auntie Lily!

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