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The Graduate/ Memorial Weekend 2013

My (not little anymore) cousin, Lyssa, graduated from San Jose State University on Saturday. We headed over to San Jose to celebrate her big accomplishment with the rest of the familia. And by celebrate I mean Jameson with the cousins. That's always fun. I managed to hold up pretty well, and surpassed Stephanie this time (hehe). It also gave me an occasion to wear my go-to all white ensemble which I felt was appropriate for Memorial Weekend, as well as bust out my favorite accessories. All in all, it was nice to see the family again, especially the cuzzo's. 

The rest of the weekend was spent with Irwin's San Diego family which was fun, they're a really nice and fun bunch - very similar to my family, but on a much larger scale. This side of the family was just one cluster of relatives from Irwin's mom's side. They were all super cute and very sweet and funny. 

I also squeezed in some time with my cousin, JC, who was having a get-together-almost-a-BBQ thing at her old apartment. It was great meeting her friends and of course, any time I can spend with her is always really nice. I hope you all had a nice/relaxing/fun Memorial Weekend! 

Heat Wave

Operation "Surprise Mom"