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Happy Hour Bestie Time

Janelle and John were in town for the weekend so we met up for Happy Hour and dinner at Attic in San Mateo. It was a blissfully hot day, and since it was Friday, I couldn't be anything but happy. Once we walked into Attic, the first person I saw was Nick, and old friend from USF. SUPER random. Turns out he works there, so although the reservations were completely booked, he was able to get us a table before the dinner rush. While Irwin and I waited for Janelle and John, we ordered a couple drinks: him - Sazerac, me - Monkey's Gland. The sazerac came as a recommendation from a co-worker, which pretty much tasted like an old fashioned.. similar to the ones we were attempting to make at Shalina's house. And we came to the conclusion that we're not too fond of Old Fashioneds/Sazerac's. The Monkey Gland was pretty delicious and refreshing - using Hendrick's Gin, Absinthe, grenadine, and grapefruit juice.

Once Janelle and John arrived, we went upstairs for dinner and more drinks. We decided on "Death by Pork" for dinner, with crab butter rice. It was a heart attack on a plate, but so freaking delicious. And though our bellies were full, we saved room for dessert, which we attacked right away so I forgot to take a picture. We ordered the coconut bread pudding with ube and tapioca on top, and the utella flan.. which oddly tasted like some kind of coffee or mocha, and not Nutella. Oh well. Still really delicious. After dinner we decided to stuff ourselves some more and pass by Tpumps since it was down the street. The line wasn't too bad even though it was out the door, and inside was completely warm, but our drinks cooled us down. We took a short walk and then parted ways. Sigh.. time is always so short when I get to hang out with the bestie. 

Afterward, we headed out to the Marina for Jenna's housewarming party. Her place is so cute and nice!! And conveniently close to all the cafe's, restaurants, and bars in the Marina. But it was great hanging out, good (albeit weird) conversation, but those are always the best. 

A pretty perfect Friday all around. 

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