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Heat Wave

Had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Whether it was lazy on purpose, or if it was the heat that caused laziness.. it didn't matter because it was definitely needed. I managed to wake up at 11:30 on Saturday morning, which I haven't done in a looooong time. I'm a morning person, and therefore am always awake by at LEAST 9am. I had to stare at the clock a few minutes to let my brain register the fact that I had woken up much too late, and had missed my window of opportunity to enjoy my usual Saturday morning run. I did manage to get in a quick workout, then hurried out to a couple parties, including Lizette's son's 1st birthday in Belmont. 

It was a beautiful day all around the Bay Area to be outdoors, so the party in the park for Brayden's birthday was really nice.. though we were extremely late. At least we got to see the birthday boy before he passed out from his busy day. Afterward, we went to Justin's house for a little kick back BBQ. It was nice seeing him and Tina again, and the weather totally held out well into the evening. 

A few other highlights from the week/weekend: 
- checking out two popular boba places in SF (Purple Kow) and San Mateo (TPumps). Not totally mind blowing, but they were on the higher end of the boba spectrum. At Purple Kow I ordered the Roasted Oolong Milk tea with pudding (no boba due to some health issue with the raw materials made in the boba), and Irwin ordered regular milk tea with grass jelly. Since it was pretty warm when we got to TPumps, I wanted a more refreshing boba drink, so I ordered the black tea with lychee, lightly sweetened, with strawberry popping boba. It was pretty good, though next time I'll skip the popping boba (I like chewy boba the best) 
 - we also decided to do some more exploring around the Burlingame Ave area, and tried out Afghan food at Kabul. I thought the food was pretty good, though Irwin was not as impressed. We ordered an appetizer called Pakawra-e-katchalu which is basically a potato fried in batter, with yogurt and lamb meat sauce on top (first pic below). Irwin had said that people mentioned it tastes like fancy chilli cheese fries.. and they were right. But I LOVED it. I was a little hesitant because I'm not a huge fan of lamb, but I couldn't taste the lamb. It was when Irwin ordered the lamb kabobs as well as the beef kabob that I tried the lamb, and it was.. ok. Tasted like beef.. just a tad bit more chewy. His kabobs came with pallow (seasoned rice), and I ordered the lawand that came with challaw, which reminds me of chicken tikka masala, but more garlic-y and less creamy. It was pretty good!
 - While waiting for Irwin's car to get cleaned, we were trying out our new vapes. I filled mine with passion fruit which is pretty damn good, and Irwin's had green apple, also just as good but a little more harsh on the throat. Loving these vapes though.. portable hookah!

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