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Jacob's 1st Birthday

Saturday was relatively chill- ran a few errands, went out for Brazilian food in Berkeley, then headed over to the Toledo residence for Jacob's 1st birthday. Sad to say, but the last time we saw the Toledo's was for Raquel's baby shower.. this was our first time meeting Jacob. And he's as adorable as his kuya! The kids were running around, trying to escape the garage, until the bubble lady started her show. It was pretty entertaining, though the wind wasn't cooperating. It was a very cute, Finding Nemo themed party, and it was SO hard resisting the delightful looking cupcakes (some were even gluten-free! How considerate is that??). Afterwards we went home, just in time for my phone date with Ai via Line. I passed out soon after talking to her. I don't know what it was... possibly the change in weather- super hot in the morning, and then cold and windy in the afternoon, but my body felt so drained. At least I got some good sleep!

Then Sunday was blissfully lazy. If only everyday could be like today...

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