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Volunteer Day: PAWS

Today I volunteered with a few of my co-workers for PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support). They help out individuals and their pets (more like companions) who are struggling either with their health or financial situation. It's a noble cause, especially when you think about how simple as coming home to a dog can help make you feel better. According to our PAWS coordinator, it's been proven that playing with or petting your dogs can boost endorphins. That makes sense- I mean how can you NOT be happy to see this cute little thing who's always happy when you're home? 

Anyway, we got to meet and wash some adorable dogs, and for Sam, who I partnered with, it was a new experience. We were instructed to ask the owners what kind of shampoo they wanted, to check if they were matted (or knotted, so we could brush or cut out the knots in the fur), and then ask if they wanted a blow dry. It was soooo cute and I felt a little bad for the scared ones, but we managed to walk away unscathed! And so did the dogs, so I guess we all won today. I wish I had taken pictures of the dogs Sam and I took care of, but we were so busy I completely forgot. The best was this little fluffball pomeranian. She was so fidgety, and it took FOREVER to dry her, but she was so cute and even more fluffy than when she came in. And this tiny chihuahua was shaking the entire time we washed her tiny frame. It was a great experience, and if you're in the San Francisco area, PAWS is always looking for volunteers, not just for the pet wash but for other opportunities as well!

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