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5K Fun Day

Sunday was definitely FunDay, starting with the 5k in Chrissy Field, and ending with ice cream at The Ice Cream Bar. It was Uri's second weekend back in the bay, and I dragged her with me to run the 5k with JC and her friends. To say the morning was beautiful would be an understatement. It provided just the right amount of heat and ocean breeze to make the run blissfully quick. Afterward, Loren picked us up and before heading back to his house to shower, we made a pit stop to Moraga Hill, where Loren proposed to Uri almost 4 years earlier. The view was fantastic, and we could see the good old fog rolling in from Ocean Beach. 

After we washed up, we headed out to brunch at Fresca with Loren and his sister and boyfriend. I was ravenously hungry and scarfed down my Salmon Pisca in the blink of an eye- it was so delicious. I also completely forgot to take my ID out of my running pants from earlier, so my plan to enjoy bottomless mimosa's was semi-spoiled. I say "semi-" because Uri was able to order one and I would hurriedly sneak drinks when the waitress wasn't looking. Pretty sure we got our money's worth. Afterwards, we headed to Kabuki Theater to watch World War Z (my 2nd time, but I didn't mind because it was so good). Uri had been telling me to go watch a movie there since it had been renovated so that you could have real food and alcohol in the theater, but unfortunately the movie wasn't showing in that theater. The movie was followed by a discussion of the possibilities of zombies, and whether we preferred zombies to vampires, or witches... 

THEN, we ended up at The Ice Cream Bar, where I ordered the Creme Fraiche ice cream sandwich (between chocolate chip cookies). Needless to say, I went home with my heart (and stomach) happy and full.

Independence Day Weekend

Coconut with Ube Filling Gob Gobs