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Del Rosario Family Vacation

Irwin's parents had booked a timeshare for one week in Yosemite for the whole family to go on vacation. It honestly couldn't have come at a better time. We all had SO much fun, we were all SUPER brown (including me finally!) and we ate and relaxed and just enjoyed each other's company. It was absolutely wonderful. 

We had also wanted to go hike up Half Dome, but we found out that we won the lottery to go up the cables just a day late, so we decided to hike the Four Mile trail up to Glacier Point, and then go through the Panorama Trail. It was supposed to be a 12 mile hike that turned into about 15 miles (including the hike back to the car). The hike was pretty tough at first, it was 4 miles up a steep hill, and we had to keep stopping to rest (our glutes, man, our glutes!). There were definitely plenty of photo ops during the hike, and we took advantage of every moment we could. I did manage to trip and fall going down hill and got bruised and scratched up pretty good, but other than that, no other major injuries. By the end of the hike, our legs were like jello, and we couldn't wait to get back home. I even took my pedometer with me, and in total we hiked 45,000 steps! Ridiculous.

We did spend one day on a boat in Bass Lake which was so much fun! We managed to combine activities with relaxation, and we were so sad to go back home at the end of the week. We did end up taking Cielo home with us, so at least we'll feel like our vacation has been extended. Such a great family vacation, I miss everyone already.

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